The Half-Fast Mailing List

If you have read our Mission Statement and agree that Half-Fast is something you might like to be a part of then you can subscribe to our mailing list.

If you'd like to join up, send an email with a brief introduction of you and your cycling abilities to halffastcycling@hotmail.com.

We'll then put you on our mailing list, and you will receive notifications about our rides and social events - usually on a Thursday or Friday with details of the following weekend. We don't plan very far in advance because the weather is so unpredictable.

Gmail users: sometimes there are problems registering a @gmail.com address. Before writing to us, please add @halffastcycling.com to your Gmail filters by following the instructions on this page.

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Who are we?

Half-Fast is, politically, an anarchic mediocracy. So there is no committee and there are no membership fees. However, somebody has to make this all happen. We are:

Don Morton - benevolent dictator meretricious and semi-emeritus

Mike Sims-Williams - junior insultant and webmaestro

But most important are you - the boys and girls who organise and attend rides. Anyone can suggest rides! We can't promise to do them all straight away, but comprehensive information including a map of all beer machines en route will increase the chance of success.


If you want to leave our mailing list, enter your e-mail address in the form below and press the 'Submit' button to start the unsubscription process. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail (or not), with a link to click on, before you're finally gone.


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