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Cycling stuff

RideWithGPS is where you can find the route maps for our rides. Other GPS-friendly route planning and logging sites include Strava.

TokyoByBike by Byron Kidd offers articles on trends, laws and bike customization

CycleKyoto is a bilingual reference about cycling in Kyoto for tourists and commuters, first-time visitors and long-time residents.

Warren has a photo site dedicated to his photos from Half-Fast and TCC rides.

Rent a Bike offers extensive English info on rentals throughout Tokyo.

Japan Cycling Navigator is a bilingual online magazine offering advice on buying and rent ing bikes, camping and long trips.

Positivo Espresso is a blog with postings on routes around Kanto and other useful resources.

Discussion Forums & Social Media

Facebook Page "Half Fast Cycling Tokyo" (cool for sharing and tagging pictures)

Half Fast Cycling Movie Channel on YouTube for our videos and whatnot.

Tokyo Cycling Club BBS contains a wealth of useful information, if you can find it. Several Half Fast riders also take part in TCC discussions, and vice versa.

HFC Members' Bike-related Businesses

gsaG.S.Astuto - Wheelbuilding and service, customized made-to-fit bikes and cycling wear. Mechanical service and rentals also available on request. Convenient Akasaka location. English and Japanese OK!

Other Bike shops in and around Tokyo

If you want a professional bike fitting in Tokyo, talk to Hiroyasu Aoyama at Sports Bike HiRoad in Musashi-koyama.

Y's Road has branches in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Tameike, Akihabara and lots of other locations around Tokyo and Yokohama.

Nalsima Frend (sic) in Gaienmae is good on price and can't be beaten on helpfulness. Many bikes in stock. Lots of parts and accessories.

Bicycle Seo in Triton Square, near Kachidoki station [Mapion] has very nice staff, although limited English. Good range of bikes, parts, etc.

Restaurants we like

The Pink Cow in Shibuya is where we hold our monthly meetings, go on dates, check out cool and strange music, etc.

Fujiya Ramen Emporium - at Otarumi-toge, the Mt. Takao road pass. This is where we go when we go to Takao for ramen.

Stefano Kagurazaka is one of the best Italian restaurants in Tokyo. Take your special one there for a wonderful dinner.

Turnip in Hanno. Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays. Nice pizza although they may run out if you go with a large group!

The Don's articles in Metropolis magazine

[452] Getting around Tokyo by bike

[470] Buying a bike

[495] Odaiba ride

[512] Haneda ride

Other press articles

Japan Times Article (9 July 2011)

John Greenfield on Cycling Adventures: Tokyo, "Momentum", May 2010.

HFC in "The Daily Yomiuri", May 2008

HFC in "Fitness Japan", May 2005

HFC in International Herald Tribune, March 2005

Members' web sites and Blogs

Act Three - Don Morton's travelblog

Cycling Tokyo - a beautiful photography site by Patrick and Marc

My Tokyo Life - a photo report on the 2007 Hanami ride by Kristina

Riding High - Sumie's blog

10 Temples - Vicki's book about cycle touring in Kamakura

Bike Maintenance Tips

Velocipedia has a nice section on getting started

Sheldon Brown's site has almost everything you could ever need to know

Bicycle Maintenance at Tom Driemeyer's site

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